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We're looking for you!

Back to Eden is offering three unique opportunities for individuals eager to enter into the retail industry! 

Buyer: apprentice will learn how to locate vendors wholesale, track trends in the market, learn about price points, net 30, locate wholesale markets to BUY, learn seasonal trends, top sellers, market price and seller pricing.

Fashion Merchandising: apprentice will learn how to develop a store layout, window visual merchandising, fabrics and textiles, sizing and merchandising, wardrobing, fashion show event planning, customer service, create social media campaigns.

Retail Manager: apprentice will learn to manage staff, scheduling, run reports, track sales, create strategies to increase sales, open and close boutique, track sales trends.

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How long is the program?

The program is a 6-month pilot program with a 500-dollar monthly stipend. Apprentices work 20 hours a week, times and days are between 12-6pm Wednesday-Saturday.


When does it start?

The program starts May 2024 


Where will instruction be held?

Apprentices will complete 80 hours in classroom setting the 1st month and the remaining 5 months will be in the boutique. 

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