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Youth Program Services include:

Prevention Education

Evidence based curriculum that we use with youth from ages middle school to high school on healthy relationships, domestic violence, and consent.

S.T.E.M. Classes

Intersecting technical knowledge of class and real life problems and solutions.

Teen Dating Groups

An extension of Prevention Education on healthy relationships, consent and anti-bullying.

Life Skills

Learning skills to deal with stress, how to set goals, how to manage and multitask, and how to communication effectively.

Suicide Prevention Groups

Will be facilitated by a certified suicide prevention list. The topics include; self esteem, depression, isolation, mental health, the signs and the symptoms, and how to refer.

C.W.A. (Children that Witnessed Abuse) Groups

Peer support groups for youth who have witnessed abuse. These peer groups allow a space where stories can be shared.


For more information about our youth program services, contact us below.

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