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Our New Programs!

Back to Eden is a Recovery Community-based Organization (RCO) and a HHSC approved community partner program participant that strives to provide you with the support and services you need to take the next step on your personal journey.


Shop for a Cause

Open from 12-6pm from Tuesday-Saturday! Located at: 2411 Emancipation Avenue, Houston TX, 77004

  • Through this unique program we are able to provide furniture vouchers that are available at $10.00 per item, and we are also able to cover the delivery fee (which can be up to $150.00!)​

  • Stop by and make a difference! Many of the people we serve are forced to sleep on the floor of their apartments (usually with their kids).

  • Every purchase changes a life for the better!


An Example of our Impact:


Substance Abuse Services

  • Peer Support Specialist Coaching.

  • Harm Reduction - Naloxone/Narcan request is FREE!   Call: 713-425-9705 to request.

  • DFPS approved contract provider substance abuse services for youth.

  • Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP).

  • The services provided for our Recovery Program is by a LCDC.


  • Free counseling from a Licensed Professional Counselor for one hour a month.

   Call: 713-425-9705 to make an appointment.

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