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Back To Eden's Bed Bath & Beyond Story

At Back To Eden, we are a nonprofit organization that is committed to empowering survivors of intimate partner violence and sexual violence. We noticed that there are not a lot of programs that focus on the aftermath of domestic violence, therefore our main mission is to foster leadership skills in our survivors and to empower them to become a part of the community once again.

The donations provided by Bed Bath & Beyond impacted the people Back To Eden helps by

providing them with basic human necessities such as hygiene products for health and wellness. With the distribution of these hygiene products, we were able to help the low income community of Kings Row Apartments in Houston, Texas. Over 150 people were impacted by this donation, with at least 30 children that were refugees from Haiti. This donation empowered them by helping them save money for other necessities they need while not having to worry about purchasing hygiene products which can be expensive.

Our team was able to connect an individual with additional services that we provide. For example we provided them with help and access to protective orders. This means that Back To Eden was able to outreach while donating what Bed Bath & Beyond provided us further helping individuals from our community. We felt the gratitude of these individuals and they even wanted to know when we would make our way back.

Thanks to Bed Bath & Beyond, we were able to make the lives of over 150 individuals in our

community easier during a time that is unpredictable due to the pandemic.

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