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The Founder and President of Back To Eden Fellow Program Kathy Phipps, "it is my honor to announce our program services are scaling to provide case management, crisis intervention coaching, FOC services, PTSD and Codependency support groups as well as prevention education". Our Fellow program new Cohort begins October 1st 2020 save the date as more details are to come. My vision of Back to Eden Fellow program became into fruition in 2018 and since we have implemented 3 outreach events at Fort Bend Women Center Shelter and launched 2 fellow programs. I am a Certified Crisis Intervention Coach, Relationship Workshop Facilitator, Life Coach, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Coach/Emotional Intelligence Coach and Community Health Worker /Community Health Worker Instructor and a Suicide Prevention Trainer. She has lived experience as DV/SV survivor and understands the importance of best practices while providing services to Survivors of trauma.

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Dear Mrs. Phipps: Please keep me in your prayers and I truly appreciate you for everything that you and your employees have done for my family and myself. Your services truly helped us, and your servi