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Undercover Colors

“A survey of college students finds almost 8 percent say they have had drugs put into their drinks, known as ‘drink spiking.’ About 80 percent of victims of drink spiking were female (Partnership, 2016).” There’s a device that can detect date rape drugs in your drink. It’s an item that would not be questioned or noticed by others. It’s nail polish! A nail polish brand called Undercover Colors created this “nail polish [that would] be able to detect so-called "date rape" drugs such as Rohypnol and Ketamine. (Leveine,2018) ” When wearing the nail polish, the individual, would dab their finger (exposing the polished nail to the drink) if the nail polish changes color it means the drink has been tampered with. This invention can save anyone from the dangers of a spiked drink. Visit their website for more information:


Levine, N. (2018). This new device lets you check if your drink's been spiked. Undercover Colors - Product Tests For Date Rape Drugs.

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