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“A survey of college students finds almost 8 percent say they have had drugs put into their drinks, known as ‘drink spiking.’ About 80 percent of victims of drink spiking were female (Partnership, 2016).” There’s a device that can detect date rape drugs in your drink. It’s an item that would not be questioned or noticed by others. It’s nail polish! A nail polish brand called Undercover Colors created this “nail polish [that would] be able to detect so-called "date rape" drugs such as Rohypnol and Ketamine. (Leveine,2018) ” When wearing the nail polish, the individual, would dab their finger (exposing the polished nail to the drink) if the nail polish changes color it means the drink has been tampered with. This invention can save anyone from the dangers of a spiked drink. Visit their website for more information:


Levine, N. (2018). This new device lets you check if your drink's been spiked. Undercover Colors - Product Tests For Date Rape Drugs.

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“Adverse Childhood experiences are the single greatest unaddressed public health threat facing our nation today”-Dr. Robert Block (Former President of American Academy of Pediatrics)

Adverse Childhood Experiences or “ACEs” is when an individual experiences violence, abuse, or neglect. This violence can be caused by family members or the community. A child growing up in this environment can cause long-term health risks. (CDC, 2021)

Children who grow up in homes that have instability, such as, parents being separated or a parent/s in jail or prison, household members that substance abuse, or have mental health issues. Can cause an ACE score to increase. The higher an ACE score means the higher the risk of later health problems. “ACE scores don't tally the positive experiences in early life that can help build resilience and protect a child from the effects of trauma (NPR,2015).”

Health issues that are caused by ACEs are severe obesity, depression, substance abuse, heart disease, cancer, and more. (NPR, 2015). “ACEs can also cause a negative impact on education, job opportunity, and earning potential, However, ACEs are preventable. (CDC,2021)”

Notice visible signs of stress. Is the child distracted or withdrawn? Is the child having nightmares? Is the child acting out? Trama is sometimes misdiagnosed as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Trauma is not just family issues “ trauma [can stem] from poverty, for example, or from the chronic stress of racial or gender discrimination. (NPR,2015)

Having a kind conversation with a child can be beneficial. “ [It’s] been shown to help children with later learning and literacy. Even more important, they boost kids' resilience, by helping them build secure attachments with caring adults. Research suggests that just one caring, safe relationship early in life gives any child a much better shot at growing up healthy (NPR,2015)”.

There are many ways to help prevent trauma, The CDC has information on ways to reduce ACEs. ( Even one individual can change the life of many. Having support in a community can be a great way to build a secure and safe environment for children and ultimately reduce the number of ACEs.


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“Volunteering is at the very core of being a human. No one has made it through life without someone else's help” - Heather French Henry.

Volunteering is when an individual or a group offers and helps others, in a selfless way. Volunteering is a great way to help and be a part of the community. There are many benefits to volunteering that can be both personal and professional. One of the obvious and important aspects of volunteering is making a difference. When you volunteer, you are making an impact on your life and the person/people that you are helping.

An article called, Why Volunteering is Important in Personal and Professional Capacity (2021), written by Indeed Editorial Team. Explained the impacts volunteering can have in both professional and personal life. The personal benefits of volunteering are that; volunteering is a great way for an individual to meet new people (be more involved with the community/neighborhood), volunteering can help build on social interactions and interpersonal skills, and is beneficial for a person both mentally and physically (can lessen stress, anger, and anxiety in individuals who volunteer). When a person volunteers it brings joy (a sense of purpose) and it introduces the individual to new people and experiences. The individual can grow confidence (by building interpersonal skills) and find connections with people. The professional benefit of volunteering is discovering new career paths (individuals can discover career paths they want to pursue), Volunteering would help an individual be up-to-date with technology/skills that can ultimately help when an individual is trying to find a career or profession, The individual can be challenged when volunteering in an industry that they are new in, but those challenges would help the individual stand out on their resume, in some cases, individuals who volunteered at the organization can be hired in that organization.

Anyone can volunteer even people who have limited mobility. Whether a person has a disability, lacks transportation, or other reasons. There’s always a way to volunteer. A person can also volunteer via computer or phone. they can volunteer at home by helping these organizations by managing their website, social media, emails, or calls (Benefits of Community Service,

On December 17, 1999, The National and Community Service Act of 1990 amended the term “service-learning” which “is a teaching and learning strategy that connects academic curriculum to community problem-solving” studies have shown when schools participated in service-learning, students were more engaged in community service. Service-learning is beneficial for not only students but also for the community and for organizations. Some areas service-learning benefits students and organizations are by teaching and helping improve a person’s character value and responsible behavior, promoting connections to the community, promoting social-emotional skills, introducing new experiences that would help create new ideas, and increasing public support. (Service-Learning,

There are many more areas where service-learning can benefit us but overall, it's clear that service-learning helps promote individuals to help their community. When we volunteer not only do the people/community we help benefit but we do too!


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